Terms and Conditions for Quotes

To begin the process of ordering, we request written acceptance of every quote. We also request a 75% non-refundable deposit for every order. The remaining 25% will be due upon completion of job. Any warranty that is determined will be taken care of after payment in full.

If you decide to cancel an order that has been placed, and the material has not arrived yet, there will be a 25% charge of the total amount of your quote/invoice for a restocking fee.

We accept check, cash, or credit/debit card for all deposits and balances that are due.

Prices are changing rapidly and in order to stay ahead, we request that clients review and approve quotes as soon as possible to ensure the lowest price possible. We are now having to check in with manufacturer's when quotes are accepted to verify that pricing has not changed. Northwest Door quotes are now only valid for three days per their new guidelines. Pricing is subject to change per the manufacturer.

The lead time from ordering to receiving varies. It is based off of the specifications of each order individually, quantity, and which manufacturer we choose to order from. Any updates or notifications that we receive throughout the lead time period, will be forwarded to our clients. We have seen many changes this year due to the current situations, raw material shortages, price increases, etc. We will do our best to get product as soon as possible, although we can only do what is within our ability. There may be changes in lead time once your order is placed and in that circumstance, it will be out of our control.

When we receive your order or material and we touch base and confirm your scheduled appointment/install: If we arrive and are not able perform work because of garage being full, no room to work, construction material that is in way, there will be a charge of our hourly rate of $200 added for the time spent to move anything($400 max). If technicians are unable to complete work in a timely manner due to having to move items, and we have to come back for an additional day, there will be a $500 charge. If anything that is in the way cannot be moved and we have to reschedule, there will also be a $500 charge added.

Any home built before 1978 will receive a lead test. Pricing for lead testing is $75 to come out and do what is needed to efficiently gather the information necessary. If the test is negative, no further action is required. If the test is positive, further expenses may be accrued depending on the plan of action to keep our clients safe and our technicians.

Warranty: Rubs/Scuffs/Light Scratches are not considered factory defects. Things of this nature along with dents will be evaluated on site and will be considered for warranty if not able to be touched up. This will be evaluated under our discretion to make this determination. Any warranty that is needed outside of our workmanship warranty(One Year Workmanship Warranty), is solely based on manufacturer's discretion and will only cover parts. Any additional labor to install parts will be determined by Revolution Garage Door and an invoice will be sent to client for payment.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions at any time.