Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

Letting a repair go unattended can be more costly in the long run. If you need any kind of garage door service, maintenance, installation or repair, we are here to help! We service most major garage door brands, including Wayne Dalton, CHI, Northwest Door, Amarr, and Clopay.

We work hard to deliver the most efficient ways to serve you and will only recommend things needed for your specific door. Our mission is to bring you the most cost effective ways to maintain its longevity. You can trust Revolution Garage Door with all of your garage door needs!


Mechanical Repairs

  • misalignment
  • bent or broken hinges
  • worn-out rollers
  • torn or damaged weather stripping and retainer
  • collision damage
  • broken torsion springs
  • belts and chains
  • Vinyl
  • Section Replacement

Electronics Repair

  • remotes
  • remote batteries
  • keypad entry systems
  • safety sensors
  • circuit boards
  • capacitors
  • motors

Garage Door Noise

Is your door is making noise? Sometimes the continuous use of a door, shifts parts over time. Maybe the settings need changed on your opener, or maybe some bolts need to be tightened. It could be an easier fix than you think. We will do our best to repair any parts needed before we have to replace them!

Garage Door Won't Open or Door Won't Close

If your door won't close, make sure there are no objects in front of or near your sensors. If your door won't open, make sure you you can get out by disingaging the opener. If you find yourself stuck, and your only car is in the garage, we will come to the rescue!



Garage Door Maintenance

Sometimes clients are unaware of what a periodic service, checkover, and lubrication does for their door. We suggest calling us at least every 1-2 years to come out and adjust the doors, track, tension, or anything else that it may need. Lubrication of necessary parts is also key to keep them from rubbing and grinding, which aides in keeping all components running well.

When we schedule for Service this includes:

  • Cleaning for cobwebs and insects.
  • Lubricating and adjusting doors/tracks as necessary.
  • Checking and adjusting springs for proper tension.
  • Checking cables, hinges, pulleys, drums, tube/s, retainer/s, astragal and rollers.
  • Checking opener for proper operation after service/repair.
  • Cleaning and checking sensors for proper operation.
  • Making sure your door will continue to function safely and properly as designed.

There are a few services you can perform yourself on a monthly basis. For example; making sure your garage door parts are properly lubricated. When we come to service or replace your door, we will show you how and where to lubricate.

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